FAQs for Delhi Bound IPs

Where did you stay?
Svelte Hotel and Personal Suites in Saket. Clean, convenient and incredible service, the hotel is connected to 3 mega-malls (Select City, DLF and MGF) which makes it possible to avoid subjecting your baby to Delhi's extreme temperatures when going for meals or on baby supply runs. Rooms are equipped with a kitchenette and a second room lounge. Great buffet breakfast, rooftop pool and gym. With metal detectors at every entrance, I felt completely safe leaving Princess alone in the hotel with a nurse when I went to visit MC at the NICU. Bottled water was supplied free of charge.

Where can I get my laundry done?
Svelte offers laundry services. For a less expensive alternative, take your clothes to Rainbow Dry Cleaners in J Block, Saket (9810228167). It offers next day service and will deliver folded laundry to your door.

Where can I exchange/receive money?
Damini Money Changer in M Block has excellent rates. Western Union is located upstairs.

Where did you eat?
McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, TGIFridays, Take Away Chinese and Indian (DLF Mall Food Court); KFC, Pizza Hut and Mohti Mahal- Indian (all located across from Select City Mall); Geoffreys- English pub that also serves great Indian food and Punjab Grill (located on the 2d level of Select City Mall), Bengali Sweets- samoza and Indian sweets (M Block); Karims- an authentic Indian food experience (Old Delhi); Punjab Grill, Mamagato- Asian, L'Opera- bakery (Select City Mall), Barrista- coffee drinks (Select City Mall), Amicis- pizza (Select City Mall)

How did you stay in touch with friends and family back home? 
Skype and Google Phone (01. a minute). Also, if babies are born early, Google Phone is an excellent and very inexpensive way to stay in touch with India until you arrive.

Did you buy a local cell phone?
I did. Across the street from Select City Mall and one block to the right (if your back is to the mall) is a cell phone store called Spice. You can purchase a cell phone for approx. $30 USD or have your phone from home programmed to work.

Can you recommend an acute care hospital if my baby is born early or needs a specialist evaluation?

Max Super Specialty Hospital, 1, 2 Press Enclave Road, Saket New Delhi - 110017. Ask for Dr. Manish Malik (+91 11 2651 5050)

Where can I find...

Those Indian Baby Ankle Bracelets: (Most FAQ): Ghena Jewelers in J Block, Saket (Sanjeev Gogia: 91-9313287033). Also does infant ear piercing... just sayin'.
Spa/salon services (Second Most FAQ... seriously): VLCC Day Spa, M Block in GK I (+911132037207)
Children's Indian Wear: Jainsoons (N Block), Bibba (Select City Mall)
(Inexpensive) Adult Indian Wear: Sarojini Market; Old Delhi
Sarees: Purchase fabric in Old Delhi or Sarojini Market and head to Gupta Tailors (2044, H.C. Sen Rd., Fountain, Delhi-6) in Old Delhi to have one made. Don't forget to ask for a blouse and petticoat.
Chemist (Formula & Medicine): Max Hospital (carries all Low Birth Weight brands) or 3 local chemists located directly across the street. Also on location in Sarojini Market and M-Block, GK I.
Baby Supplies: MotherCare (Select City Mall & DLF Mall), Mom & Me (Select City Mall), Sarojini Market, M Block GK I
Photo Printing/Editing Shop: Bharti Color, 19, Savitri Cinema Complex, Greater Kailash-11, New Delhi-110048
Shipping Company: Shainex Relocation (9311333578)

Any recommendations for day/weekend trips? 

Taj Mahal: Approx. 3-4 hour drive from Delhi. Leave at 3 a.m., get there by 6 a.m. for a sunrise view (no crowds or summer heat) and be back in Delhi by noon.
Jaipur: Approx. 5 hours from Delhi. Stay in a haveli, ride elephants and bargain for textiles and carpets.
Rishikesh: Approx. 7 hours from Delhi... but so worth it. Heaven in the Himalayas.


Do I need to bring a carseat?
Carseats are not, as they would say in India, "compulsory." Because I was making daily trips to Pitampura, I always used one for the long rides, however, for shorter trips, laps and tuks tuks were way more convenient.

Should I bring a stroller?
Delhi is not stroller friendly. If, however, you are staying at Svelte or Hilton in Saket, you will not regret bringing one, as you'll be able to take daily indoor strolls around the mall (and simultaneously preserve your sanity).

Where did your baby sleep?
Svelte supplies cribs (or cots as the Aussie's refer to them). When Princess first came home she slept in the her carry cocoon, however, once she hit 5 lbs. I moved her to a crib.

Which formula did you use?
I loved the Indian brand Nan formula. It's made by Nestle and I switched Princess to the American version (Gerber Good Start) when we got home with no issues. Other brands available at the Chemist: Farex (contains groundnut), Similac and Enfamil.

What else do I need? 
Unless noted, the below are all readily available in Delhi.

Diapers: Bring from home. NB size was impossible to find and the American brands just weren't the same. Anticipate approximately 8-10 a day.
Bottles:  I ended up using Avent brand because it was readily available in Delhi. Fortunately, Princess thoroughly approved. Playtex brand can be found in M Block GK-I.
Thermos: In order to maintain a steady supply of lukewarm water for bottles, I boiled a full pot of water, waited for it to cool to the right temperature and then poured it into a thermos. Great for traveling to immigration appointments and maintaining a stash for middle of the night feeds.
Moby Wrap or Infant Carrier with Newborn Insert: I found it much more convenient for transport than my carrier cocoon which tied up both my hands. (I could not find slings anywhere in Delhi so order ahead of time.)
AngelCare Monitor: Great for preemies as it tracks breathing, however, I could only get it to run on batteries while in India.
Adan and Anais Swaddlers: super light and easy to hand wash
Clothing in Light, Easy to Handwash Fabric
Microwave Bottle Sterilizer
Travel Formula Dispenser
Gumdrops Pacifiers
Saline Drops 
Baby Grooming Kit
Burp Clothes
Bottle Washing Brush
Dish Soap
Infant Bath Tub
Baby Towels & Washclothes
Hand Sanitizer

*Tip- Make friends with IPs who are about to depart India. They will be all to eager to fork over supplies that are more costly to transport home than to repurchase. 


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