Friday, June 28, 2013

Going Places

Look out, the Princess is now going everywhere!

And as of last week, she is on longer bound by her own two feet. Proud owner of a new 5 year passport, the girl is officially free to travel the world.

Why a new one? Well if you remember, or not, I sort of glossed over the whole citizenship process as I navigated it in India this time last year mainly because like many of my negotiations, the conversation began with the words "we can do it" and ended with the words "but don't tell anyone!"

So if you want to know how I managed to skirt the process and get the required DNA testing and citizenship requirements complete with both babies in the NICU and Duane in America, I'm afraid I just can't tell you!

But what I can tell you is that I used Poonam Jain ( as a liaison, and I am not the only one to be granted such exceptions.

And as the Princess and MC's tale pretty much became the token "when things go awry in Delhi story," I have since been contacted by other similarly situated IPs and have come to the following conclusion:

Preemie baby with a few week stay and a disgruntled parent with Delhi Belly does not warrant special treatment. Critically ill child who needs to be returned to America ASAP does. The latter will be assessed carefully so as not to inundate the system with mass "emergency" cases that are in reality more the former. 

And while more than a year has passed since her very first photo session amid tubes and tape and wires that were carefully cropped and photo shopped out to reveal this:

The Princess' reaction to Passport Number 2 (required as the initial book had a one year shelf life)

was more or less the same:

Checking for accuracy of her royal title.

Assessing its edibility.

Pleased with the results, the Princess decided she'd take it for a spin this week on a fifth anniversary trip with her royal caretakers.

A shore side Itsy Bitsy Spider performance.
With love from Aruba, 
One World Traveling Princess


  1. Awesome post pleased to see you and Princess are relaxing in Aruba

    1. Thank you:) The family time has been thoroughly enjoyed!

  2. Amazing to see how much she has changed and grown in one year!!She is beautiful!!Enjoy your vacation in Aruba!!
    Kathy and David

    1. Would love an update on your girls! It's amazing the changes this past year. Hugs to your whole family! x

  3. Lovely. She was so very tiny.... one forgets...sort of. Glad to know there is recognition of special needs. What a beautiful child she is today!!!!

    1. Yes, I do forget until I see those photos... then it, of course, comes flooding back! Wow. The Embassy was wonderful and I thought it's important to share with future IPs. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. enjoy some fun in the sun with that little one...i bet there is a fair bit of sand getting that's not good for nappies!!!

  5. Awwwww - so precious. Love the comparisons from then to now.