Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going with the Flow: Delhi Day 52

'When they shake their heads, Evelyn, they don't mean no, they mean yes.'
'Well, not quite,' said her husband. 'They mean yes if that's what you want it to be.'
'You can't ask a straight question, like how long is something going to take,' said Jean. 'It'll take as long as you want it to take-'
'And if you get rattled it only makes it worse,' Douglas shouted over his wife's head.  'you just have to go with the flow-'

Thanks to a good friend for recommending I get my hands on a copy of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

I'd imagine that anyone who has "gone with the flow" before, is currently "going with the flow," has a friend or relative "flowing across the world," or is anxiously preparing themselves to "flow for the first time" would enjoy it just as much as I have.

I've opted to go the book route first. The hotel has promised to get me a DVD player next week (I think at this point in time I could ask for a pink elephant and they would happily provide), so I'll let you know my preference after reviewing both.

Meanwhile, we are flowing away in Delhi. As we patiently (er, not so patiently) wait for Master Hayden to get with the program, I am doing my best to ensure that  we have all of our medical records in order for the Great Insurance Debate when we return.

I had asked for a few clarifications from our main contact doctor at the centre, but I quickly caught on that he was MIA this week-- you know, when a different doctor started answering his cell phone. Curious, I followed up with an on premises doctor and asked when he would be returning. The response? "I don't know." Wait, what?

I tried again this morning with a third doctor-- the one who's been answering the phone. Again, no response as to when the other doctor would be returning, but thankfully, this doctor told me he would take care of everything... tomorrow.

Flowing... Flowing... Flowing

In other news, I got the scale in my bathroom to start working, which means I can record semi-accurate daily weigh-ins (by holding Scarlett and subtracting my own weight) for my not so little peanut.

The good news? Little peanut is approximately 5 1/2 lbs! The great news? Mommy has lost 4 of her own!

Hayden, meanwhile, is on the C-Pap at 30% oxygen. He is off antibiotics and no sign of infection.

Looking forward to dinner and some "flowing" drinks with the latest installment of SCIers tonight, including my good friend Kate who I could not be happier for!


  1. Mum is now donating weight to Scarlett, what a saint !!
    Completely empathise with you on the 'flow'. Having travelled extensively through India for months at a time on holidays, one even needs to learn how to flow effectively to really enjoy yourself. Flowing under your circumstances takes a completely different kind of person - see 10th word, line 1....

  2. How is it possible to loose weight in India?? :D We ate way to many fabulous buffet's....

  3. Amazing that you are managing to go with the flow! I loved the film version but I only used this method. Look forward to your review x

  4. I've got that!!! I'll bring it with me. Oh, and you don't have to have a dvd player. You just need the adapter cords to link your laptop to the TV there in the hotel. You're looking for one that has like a yellow and red set of connections. If you have any dvds with you from home, the dvd players will not play them there because it's a different region. We found that out last time and were thankful we brought our cords. You might try Nehru Place for the cords - ask Rahul, I'm sure he'll be able to help if you want! See you soon - with the movie! I'm also bringing "The Back-up Plan" which is totally hilarious to those of us who've been thru all the infertility treatments out there! Have a great week and enjoy your night with friends!

  5. Okay, just kidding, it's the book I have, not the dvd. Just checked and it's not coming to the States until July. Not in the UK until 25th June. Oh well.

  6. You really are should take up either writing or motivational speaking! And as much as we love your updates.....c'mon Master Hayden - get with the program!!!

  7. ahhh, going with the just gotta, right?!
    you and your beautiful babes have been in my thoughts SO much lately.
    yay for scarlett's weight gain. and look at you, sexy mama!
    i hope you had a wonderful night with ever-flowing drinks and good people <3

  8. I am happy things are going well, i just got my news that i am pregneant, I am so happy

  9. Thinking of you as always xxx